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Chunky And Friends presents a collection of fun healthy eating books for kids, including Chunky And The O-Beast and Defeat The O-Beast Coloring & Activity book.  Each book takes readers through common ways that childhood obesity starts and gives them fun and easy ways to work with their friends and stop the wicked O-Beast.

Kids follow along with Chunky and his friends as they fight the temptations of junk food and video games, play games and stay active to defeat the O-Beast.  When Chunky finds out he may be in danger of childhood obesity, he starts a battle against the O-Beast and joins with his friends start eating healthy and get active.  As kids take part in the adventure they become the heroes of their own stories and find inspiration to start their own battle for good health.

Start with Chunky And The O-Beast comic adventure to learn more about childhood obesity through realistic and relatable situations that are also fun and unique.  Use the coloring and activity book to join in with friends and eat healthy meals, find fun and active pastimes and more.


Chunky and the O-Beast book

Book synopsis:
Chunky is a 10-year-old boy who finds out that he is in danger of becoming obese. With his vivid imagination he confuses what was discussed during his doctor visit and believes he will soon transform into an “O-BEAST.” Can Chunky make sense of it all and stop the O-Beast from taking over?

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Defeat the O Beast activity book

The Defeat The O-Beast Coloring & Activity Book is an adventure where kids help Chunky and his friends solve puzzles to defeat the villainous O-Beast.  The puzzles are all about physical play and healthy eating choices.  Pick it up for the crossword puzzles, word finds, connect the dots, coloring pages and more…

Also, the book has a Food and Active play journal where kids can keep tabs on their day to day habits.
An awesome resource for educators and physicians.

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