Defeat The O-Beast (Coloring & Activity Book)

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The Defeat The O-Beast Coloring & Activity Book is an adventure where kids help Chunky and his friends solve puzzles to defeat the villainous O-Beast.  The puzzles are all about physical play and healthy eating choices.  Pick it up for the crossword puzzles, word finds, connect the dots, coloring pages and more…

Also, the book has a Food and Active play journal where kids can keep tabs on their day to day habits.
An awesome resource for educators and physicians for only $5.99 +s&H.

The activity book is a wonderful companion piece to the book, CHUNKY AND FRIENDS: CHUNKY AND THE O-BEAST available now!

Click here to purchase the Defeat The O-Beast Coloring & Activity Book.

I do hope you enjoy the book and thank you again for all the support!

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