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Chunky and Friends Creator guest post on
Chunky and Friends Creator guest post on


I was fortunate enough to meet Kat Calvin of at a conference last September and she offered me the opportunity to do a guest post on her blog.  This post was focused less on health and more on my love of comic books and using the medium to reach children. With Chunky and Friends: Chunky and the O-Beast I knew there was an opportunity to help by giving bad health a face.

The post is titled, Chunky and Friends: A Healthy Hero for Kids .  As an adult Chunky reflects on his childhood and what it took to overcome the bad guy in his life: obesity.  I rarely pat myself on the back but, it is a good read.  Check it out by clicking this link: – JV

CHUNKAMANIA! – Short Chunks #3
CHUNKAMANIA! – Short Chunks #3


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I’m proud to present, Chunkamania.

This idea was formed from the mind of the artist Jose and further expanded into a comic strip by me (of course Lewis did the lettering).

A while back Jose sent me some artwork that looked like a title card for an epic fight and the caption read, CHUNKY VS. THE O-BEAST.  It’s currently on our Facebook page and I thought it was awesome and we had to do something with it.

I’ve stated before that The Short Chunks series is a day in the life of Chunky and his battle to overcome obesity.  Jose and I spoke about this fictional wrestling character called, El Muchos Fistos.  So much so we made a joke about Chunky taking the idea of using your fist to measure portion sizes to a whole new level (click hear to see El Muchos Fistos T-shirt).

I know this strip would be the reaction of any child who is a wrestling fan who finds out that he’s going to be meeting their hero for the first time.  On top of that, in Chunky’s case, his idol will be giving him health tips to defeat obesity!

I have an image in my head for what El Muchos Fistos would look like and I’m sure Jose does too.  Based on the response to this strip we’d have to consider having Chunky come face to face with his hero and the lessons that he learns during the training session.  In the meanwhile, enjoy the Short Chunk and make sure you share it with your friends and family and on all your favorite social networking sites.

Now, watch as I co-opt a famous phrase from a mysterious man and make it my own…

Stay healthy my friends…

– JV

A Tale of Two Chunks (Part 1) – Short Chunks #2
A Tale of Two Chunks (Part 1) – Short Chunks #2

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  A good breakfast is a good start,  a great breakfast is a great start.  A Tale of Two Chunks (pt. 1) is the beginning of Chunky’s day.  What happens when he doesn’t eat a healthy breakfast?  What happens when he does?  This idea was born when we here at Team Chunkatron discussed how we could further demonstrate important moments in Chunky’s life.  That’s when we decided to show how a simple decision like, “what’s for breakfast,” can change a kids day.  After a good nights rest, Chunky takes a morning stretch and begins his day.  What happens next?

See where the two paths take our hero in Part One of A TALE OF TWO CHUNKS!

Chunky and the O-Beast is Available Now!  Get your copy today from or!

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Michelle Obama has read Chunky and Friends: Chunky and The O-Beast!
Michelle Obama has read Chunky and Friends: Chunky and The O-Beast!


My family moved back home to Maryland from Tennessee and it’s been exhausting.  Moving from state to state can be a trying time, especially with a one year old in tow.  I can say though that the USPS made that transition just a little bit easier.
Plus, it’s awesome to open the mailbox at your new home and see a letter from the White House.

Since I began presenting Chunky and Friends to the public I often get the same advice, “You should contact Michelle Obama.”  While it is a great suggestion from people who can understand the potential impact of Chunky and Friends, I’m humbled by the thought that the First Lady would have any time to even glance over our book series.

By now, everyone is familiar with the amazing work the First Lady does with the “Let’s Move” campaign and she’s a very busy woman so, it’s not unreasonable to believe this to be a ridiculous suggestion, right?  Well, I mailed a personal letter and signed book copy to her at the White House and surprisingly after 6 weeks I received a response!  See below:


It’s a very exciting time for us and we’re grateful that the First Lady Michelle Obama and her staff took time to check out the book.  On behalf of the Chunky and Friends team we are very grateful for your time and the supportive letter.  My Mother-in-Law said it best, “What a wonderful housewarming gift.”  I agree wholeheartedly.

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Chunky and Friends on the FOOD DAY BLOG!
Chunky and Friends on the FOOD DAY BLOG!


Hey all!  I was given the opportunity to post on the Food Day Blog about the inspiration behind Chunky and Friends.  It’s rare that I get an opportunity to speak about what lead me to create this character.  You can check it out here:

Food Day is an awesome organization that has an AMAZING push for people to “Eat Real!”

I think the statement “Eat Real” is powerful because so much of what’s consumed by kids is often over processed foods that are created in labs to cater to the taste buds, not health.  Therefore, to me the phrase “Eat Real” denotes consuming real foods, like fresh veggies and fruits which cater to the taste buds while promoting health.

Please take the time to visit to learn more about annual Food Day (Oct. 24, 2013) and how you can support this awesome organization.

– JV

COBRA COLA-LALALALALALALALALALA!!!!! – Chunky and Friends presents: Short Chunks #1
COBRA COLA-LALALALALALALALALALA!!!!! – Chunky and Friends presents: Short Chunks #1



This is our first in a line of comic strips that we are calling, “Short Chunks!”   It’s another glimpse into Chunky’s world and his fight to overcome his health issues with the help of friends and family.  A little harsh on our fearless hero?   Yes, but, not as harsh as what will happen if kids think soda companies and their products can fix their health issues.   A lot of kids who are working to live healthier lives might be confused when they see a popular soda company agree to join the fight against obesity. So we asked, what happens to Chunky when he finds out this soda company is out to help him? Enjoy and please comment below!  LIKE us on Facebook!  Follow Us on Twitter!

– JV


Chunky and Friends at the Norfleet Forum Addressing Pediatric Obesity
Chunky and Friends at the Norfleet Forum Addressing Pediatric Obesity


We had the pleasure of being in attendance at the 24th Frank M. Norflett Forum, “Addressing Our Pediatric Obesity Epidemic: Research to Health Policy.”  The forum was held at the FedEx Institute of Technology on the University of Memphis campus in Memphis, TN.  At the forum, we met various interested education and health practitioners/professionals who showed great interest in our book Chunky and Friends: CHUNKY AND THE O-BEAST.  This wonderful group gave insight regarding further research and offered assistance with networking.

This is just the jump start of many conferences and we plan to remain involved in community events to continue to spread the word regarding the
Chunky and Friends book series and the importance of healthy living.


In addition to medical professionals there were other exhibitors in attendance.


Many were in attendance including North Mississippi Medical Center!

 Visit North Mississippi Medical Center!


Health Works Mississippi was in attendance too!

Visit Health Works in Tupelo, MS.  It’s an educational playground for kids.

Portion control is what’s needed!
Portion control is what’s needed!


In the war against the O-Beast!  Chunky has taken a stand to control his portions!  Coming soon… Chunky and the Potion Patrol…

In the meantime here is a great bit from an article about controlling the portion sizes we all consume.

“The vast majority of doctors (88%) reported that overeating is a significant driver of obesity, and they were also three times more likely to tell their patients to eat smaller portions and twice as likely to advise them not to cook with high-calorie ingredients. Sixty-two percent of physicians cited restaurant food and fast food as important contributors to obesity, and these doctors were 93% more likely to tell patients to avoid ordering high-calorie items. And the 60% who reported that sugar-sweetened beverages were a big part of the obesity problem were six times more likely to tell patients to drink less of them.

Few doctors rated genetics (19%) and metabolic defects (12%) as very important causes of obesity — which is a good sign, according to Bleich.”

Source: TIME (Health and Science)


Cover for Chunky and the O-Beast.  Click Image for more information.

We are proud to announce that the first Chunky and Friends book, CHUNKY AND THE O-BEAST, is available now in Paperback!
Click the above image for more information.

Book synopsis:
Chunky is a 10-year-old boy who finds out that he is in danger of becoming obese. With his vivid imagination he confuses what was discussed during his doctor visit and believes he will soon transform into an “O-BEAST.” Can Chunky make sense of it all and stop the O-Beast from taking over?

Here is a sample for my friends!
(Click here for a larger images from the book)

ObeastDigital 3ObeastDigital 4ObeastDigital 5ObeastDigital 6ObeastDigital 7ObeastDigital 8ObeastDigital 9
Team Chunky And Friends Complete 5K!
Team Chunky And Friends Complete 5K!

On September 1, 2012 our illustrator Jose Dominguez completed a 5K in the Kentlands in Gaithersburg, Maryland.  The Chunky and Friends team are proud of the work done by Jose and his running partner Kevin Sistani today.  It has been nearly 4 years since the conception of Chunky and Friends and Jose has been an invaluable partner who, on a personal level, recognizes the value of Chunky and Friends.  We have been hard at work completing the first book, Chunky and the O-Beast, and the effect that it’s had on us to improve our lifestyle has evolved with every completed page of the book.  Additionally, we pledge to inspire others to live an overall healthier life with Chunky and Friends.

Desire and Achieve,

Joseph Randy Vivens
Author & Creator
Chunky And Friends