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More Play, Less work: 3 ways to keep your kids healthy with active play
More Play, Less work: 3 ways to keep your kids healthy with active play

More PLAY, Less WORK: 3 ways to keep your kids healthy with active play

By Joseph Vivens

While talking about my book series and the vision I have of it being a force to promote  healthy eating & active play for kids, I was asked, “What do you mean by active play?”  After answering the question I began to think about how many of our readers may be unfamiliar with the term and how active play can be misinterpreted. (more…)

Peaches and Coconut Cream Smoothie Recipe

Peaches and Coconut Cream Smoothie

2 mins

Total time

2 mins

Peaches are low in calories, contain no saturated fat or cholesterol and are a good source of dietary fiber. They contain vitamins C, E and K, niacin, folate, iron, choline, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, manganese, zinc and copper.

Author: Darrilyn Vassar-Jackson

Recipe type: Drinks

Serves: 2 cups


How do I get my kids to eat healthy snacks? Use a S.A.W.
How do I get my kids to eat healthy snacks? Use a S.A.W.

Often times we turn on the news or read an article about children developing unhealthy living habits that lead to a variety of health issues. The big one that catches our attention is the threat of obesity. As a result, we may feel the need to jump into action and “fix” the problem. So, we read articles on the web and overnight we put our kids on an eating regimen that has the unfortunate consequence of making healthy living feel like a chore. Word has it most kids hate to do their chores. As parents our efforts should be the exact opposite. Healthy living can be fun and simple! For now, we will explore healthy snack choices and joys of self-empowerment. Here are 3 easy tips using SAW formula or Snacks Available with Water: (more…)



Does your New Year’s Resolution include getting healthier? Are you wondering how to get the rest of the family to make the right choices? Chunky and Friends is the best way to get your kids on board with your New Year’s Resolution. Jump-start the conversation about Health & Fitness today!
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C&F at the Miami Book Fair International
C&F at the Miami Book Fair International

Miami has come … and gone.  We had a wonderful time at the Miami Book Fair International.  I met some amazing kids who love to read and were excited to crack the gateway to their imagination.  I am proud to say that many of these children took home copies of Chunky and the O-Beast and the Defeat The O-Beast Activity and Coloring Book.  My friend and graphic designer, Lewis, finally had a chance to witness the look of excitement that children have when they first see Chunky and Friends.  He also had the opportunity to hear the gratitude that parents shared because of our passion to positively impact families to live healthier.

This project means the world to me and it makes me proud to share it with the world.

I want to thank the organizers and the volunteers at the Miami Book Fair International.  I have to say thank you to two specific volunteers, Anna and Gabby, who handed out all of “scream signs” and remained eager to help the cause.  I also want to thank Lewis for driving down from Orlando to lend a helping hand.  Lastly, I want to thank my family for their hospitality and love.

See you all next year!

– Joseph Vivens

Fox 45 Interviews Author of Chunky and Friends
Fox 45 Interviews Author of Chunky and Friends


We want to thank everyone who has supported the Chunky and Friends team. Because of your love and support, we continue to work hard to bring Chunky and Friends to kids everywhere.  Bit by bit, we have been making strides to achieve our goals by sharing our book series at local schools, festivals and fairs.  This news broadcast was a big one for us and we have become more motivated to get the word out about the book series.  We firmly believe in what we are doing and am empowered by the idea of making a massive difference in the lives of millions of children/families.  We hope to inspire families with a message that will stay with them for their entire life.  Thank you again for your support. (more…)

Baltimore Book Festival 2014 [Updated]
Baltimore Book Festival 2014 [Updated]


Come join us this weekend, September 26-28, 2014 at the Baltimore Book Festival! I will be signing copies of Chunky and The O-Beast for only $10!  Team Chunkatron will be on RASH FIELD at the Baltimore Inner Harbor!  See you there! – Joseph

***UPDATED 9/29/14***

We had a fantastic time over the weekend and are very excited to share with you some images from the Baltimore Book Festival.


Baltimore Mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake with Chunky and Friends author, Joseph Vivens at the BBF2014 Press Conference.


We met Veeps’ Matt Walsh. He’s also been seen in The Hangover, TED and Hung.








Highmark’s Fun, Fit and Fabulous Woman’s Health Conference
Highmark’s Fun, Fit and Fabulous Woman’s Health Conference

I assure you I haven’t been missing in action.  My team and I have been hard at work fulfilling the dreams that we envisioned since creating CHUNKY AND FRIENDS.  In the coming weeks and months you will be seeing some exciting announcements and images from various events.  Keep an eye for them on, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus.

In the meantime, please check out these images from the Highmark’s Fun, Fit and Fabulous Woman’s Health Conference in Hershey, PA.   My wife and I had a wonderful time introducing Chunky and Friends to the fabulous women at the event. and selling out of books!  The reception was warm and loving.  I want to thank Highmark for allowing us the participate in such a meaningful event.

photo 4photo 1photo 2photo 3

Baltimore Co. Public Library Reading // Chunky and Friends

I had an awesome time conducting a live interactive reading at the Baltimore County Public Library’s Rosedale Branch.  I’d like to thank Sara Jane and the rest of the staff at the Rosedale Branch for inviting me to entertain the children during their Fit and Fun Day.  Here are some images from the event:

2014-07-02 16.10.39

Introducing myself to the families that arrived early.

2014-07-02 16.14.59

I’m giving instructions to the audience as to what to do during the reading. See the scream sign in my hand?

2014-07-02 16.16.54

Sometimes I stand but, I decided to sit and read the book.

2014-07-02 16.33.43

Everyone received a scream sign at the end of the reading.

Meeting acting U.S. Surgeon General, Boris Lushniak
Meeting acting U.S. Surgeon General, Boris Lushniak

2014-06-18 12.21.01-1Last Wednesday, I had the pleasure of attending a forum at the Washington Post called, Health Beyond Health Care. This was right in the Chunky and Friends’ wheelhouse because our goal is preventative health care by promoting healthy habits in children.  I had the opportunity to introduce Chunky and Friends to many in attendance including acting US Surgeon General Rear Adm. Boris Lushniak.  Dr. Lushniak was very excited about Chunky and Friends and saw it as a great idea, I believe he saw the impact that it could have on children.  I am grateful he took the time to speak to me and hear my vision for Chunky and Friends.

All of the speakers were extremely insightful and it’s always wonderful to hear the success people are having in instilling healthy habits in their communities.

Here is a link with clips from the forum: