Chunky and Friends at the Norfleet Forum Addressing Pediatric Obesity


We had the pleasure of being in attendance at the 24th Frank M. Norflett Forum, “Addressing Our Pediatric Obesity Epidemic: Research to Health Policy.”  The forum was held at the FedEx Institute of Technology on the University of Memphis campus in Memphis, TN.  At the forum, we met various interested education and health practitioners/professionals who showed great interest in our book Chunky and Friends: CHUNKY AND THE O-BEAST.  This wonderful group gave insight regarding further research and offered assistance with networking.

This is just the jump start of many conferences and we plan to remain involved in community events to continue to spread the word regarding the
Chunky and Friends book series and the importance of healthy living.


In addition to medical professionals there were other exhibitors in attendance.


Many were in attendance including North Mississippi Medical Center!

 Visit North Mississippi Medical Center!


Health Works Mississippi was in attendance too!

Visit Health Works in Tupelo, MS.  It’s an educational playground for kids.

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