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Teaching kids about healthy eating is essential to ensuring they grow up happy and healthy.  Junk foods and sedentary lifestyles are now some of the biggest risk factors for kids.  The habits they learn early on will carry over to the rest of their lives, leading them to active and healthy lives or sedentary situations risking cardiovascular illness, muscular problems and other health issues.  By starting healthy eating at a young age, kids will pick up great habits to help them for the rest of their lives.

Healthy eating can be complicated, especially for kids.  Making the decision between junk food and fruits and vegetables is tough, and it’s difficult for kids to see the health effects.  Chunky And Friends illustrates the importance of healthy eating with pictures and videos, giving kids relatable characters they can understand and understand them.  Young readers will not have to visualize or imagine the benefits of healthy eating, they can see it right in front of them in the book!

Take a look at the videos and pictures from Chunky And Friends to get an glimpse inside.  To see even more, buy the illustrated healthy eating and diet comic book or activity book online.


Joseph Vivens interviewed on Baltimore’s Fox45 Morning News

Live interactive reading at Pop Up Play Zone (Half the reading was filmed)

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