Author Visit and Book Reading

Chunky and Friends: Chunky and the O-Beast

Author Visit and Book Reading 

Joseph R. Vivens, creator of Chunky And Friends, will come to your school, organization, and church to conduct live interactive book readings of CHUNKY AND FRIENDS: CHUNKY AND THE O-BEAST.  We say it’s interactive because we request audience participation from the children to draw them into the story and of course the message.  Our target audience is 4-10 years old and we have discovered that the illustration and content appeals to older students as well.

Topics Addressed:

·        Proper Food Portion Sizes

·        Importance of Active Play

·        Importance of limiting excessive consumption of unhealthy foods

·        The value of self-confidence as a child

·        Importance of family and friends working together to live healthier


·        Introduction

·        Instructions for audience

·        Interactive book reading

·        Audience questions

·        Healthy Eating (see description below)

·        Active Play (see description below)

·        Infinite Perfection (see description below)

After the live interactive reading, Joseph embarks on a presentation focused on the three principles that the characters in the series follow to ensure that they grow up healthy & strong.


We discuss with the children the different portion sizes of a balanced meal.  We use the dynamic characters from the Chunky and Friends book series to promote the eating of fresh fruits and vegetables.


We reintroduce classic active play games that children can play with their parents.  Each game gives kids the opportunity to stretch, engage in strength training and perform cardio.  While the kids are playing the game we inform them of the health benefits each game provide.


There is a moment in the book where Chunky asks his mother, “So, do I have to lose weight.” and with tears in her eyes she tells him, “No. You are perfect just the way you are.  We just want you to be healthy.”  This is the message that I leave the kids with at the end of the presentation to help build their confidence.  I tell them they are all perfect exactly how they are and that their physical appearance doesn’t always dictate the status of their health.  I remind them what matters most is that they grow up healthy & strong by eating fresh fruits/veggies and engaging in active play.

In total the presentation is an hour long.  We have an abbreviated version as well.

Please write, email or call us directly for available dates and pricing for an author visit and book readings:

PO BOX 174
Washington Grove, MD 20880
Call: 240-242-7824

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