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Don’t Diet… #ThinkHealthy

I decided to make a quick video of my takeaway from an amazing article from TheConversation.com by way of CNN (link below). The title of the piece is, “How your body fights back when you diet” by By Traci Mann and A. Janet Tomiyama.  What do you think about the article?  Leave a comment below…

Read it here: http://www.cnn.com/2018/01/02/health/body-fights-dieting-food-partner/index.html 

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Snack Attack: How to Get More From Your Snack with Fiber and Protein
Snack Attack: How to Get More From Your Snack with Fiber and Protein

I love this infographic because it has great healthy snack tips for families like mine that are always on the go, especially on the weekends. – Joseph Vivens

Snack Attack: How to Get More From Your Snack with Fiber and Protein

When’s the last time you ate? Was it a full meal or a snack? Decades ago, the answer would have been a full meal—because people didn’t snack that much.
But that’s no longer the case: Ninety percent of people snack—multiple times a day. That’s for a variety of reasons. Some of us are busy—rushing from work to home to kids activities. Some of us don’t have time during the day at work because of deadlines or meetings.
All that rushing around may lead us to more snacks, but unfortunately it’s leading us to unhealthy snacks. You may be investing that eating time with too many processed snacks that include too much fat, sugar, and salt. What those snacks should have, instead, is lots of protein and fiber. Careful investigation of packaged snacks can help you identify good options, but so too can some homemade options. Curious what they are? This graphic can help you and your family stay on a healthy track.

Source: http://www.quill.com/content/index/office-snacks-coffee-resources/snack-attack/default.cshtml