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An Astonishing Podcast Interview…
An Astonishing Podcast Interview…

Last week I had the opportunity to be interviewed on the comic book podcast, “Astonishing Alcoholics”. This was a unique experience for me because it was a departure from my usual Chunky And Friends focused interview.  First, I’ll address the question you may be asking yourself, “Why Astonishing Alcoholics?”  Well, I wanted to be on an outlet that would allow me to touch on another aspect of Chunky And Friends, the creative process.  If the podcast was called, Comics over Coffee or Drinks and Comics I would still want to be interviewed by the hosts because on every episode I’ve heard they’ve proven to be consummate professionals.  I knew that they would provide an entertaining experience for me and the audience while still being able to discuss the importance of a project like Chunky and Friends.  

Now before you listen I have two warnings for you. Warning #1: Do not play this with your kids present.  This is definitely for adults because it has adult language. Warning #2: We are comic book lovers, so we talk about things that may go over the head of anyone who isn’t a comic book fan.  The hosts do a really good job giving a synopsis of the comic books they are reviewing so if you’re familiar with let’s say a character like Bane from Batman, you may be fine.  If not skip to 55 minutes as that is where the Chunky and Friends interview begins.

After you listen to it, please leave a rating or review on whatever service you choose to listen to the pod. Enjoy! – JRV


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The NEW book Chunky And Friends: THE CANDY CONUNDRUM
by Joseph R. Vivens, illustrated by Jose E. Dominguez


Chunky and the O-Beast book

Chunky And Friends: Chunky and The O-Beast 
by Joseph R. Vivens, illustrated by Jose E. Dominguez

Chunky and Friends Creator guest post on Blerdology.co
Chunky and Friends Creator guest post on Blerdology.co


I was fortunate enough to meet Kat Calvin of Blerdology.co at a conference last September and she offered me the opportunity to do a guest post on her blog.  This post was focused less on health and more on my love of comic books and using the medium to reach children. With Chunky and Friends: Chunky and the O-Beast I knew there was an opportunity to help by giving bad health a face.

The post is titled, Chunky and Friends: A Healthy Hero for Kids .  As an adult Chunky reflects on his childhood and what it took to overcome the bad guy in his life: obesity.  I rarely pat myself on the back but, it is a good read.  Check it out by clicking this link: http://blerdology.co/blerd-kids-healthy-kids/. – JV