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The Candy Conundrum is Available for Pre-Order NOW!
On March 7th 2017 you can have the NEW book in the Chunky and Friends series, The Candy Conundrum, delivered directly to the Kindle App on your iOS or Android device.

As a parent do you find yourself reminding your kids about the importance of dental health – specifically, brushing, flossing and practicing moderation when eating sweets? I do, so writing THE CANDY CONUNDRUM is as much for my kids as it is for yours. The Chunky and Friends book series was created to promote healthy eating & active play to help families engage in conversations about health and fitness. On March 7th 2017 your family will enjoy a hilarious story with amazing artwork and tips on maintaining dental health.

Click here to Pre-Order THE CANDY CONUNDRUM on for use on the free Kindle app (available for all iOS and Android devices).

Synopsis: Candace loves to eat candy, so much so, that her nickname is Candy. She keeps her love of sweets a secret and hides them all over the house because she doesn’t want Mom to take them away. Then one day she wakes up with a toothache and that means she’ll have to go to the dentist! Can Candy fix her tooth before it gets worse or will she have to tell Mom and risk losing all of her sweets?

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