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100% Polyester Shirts for kids inspired by Juice and The Fountain of Youth.

About three years ago I was teaching my son, Ben, to ride his new bike. A rite of passage for a father, I think. Anyway, it wasn’t easy; over and over he would fall, grumble, hop back on and say, “practice makes better”. Then suddenly, on that cold Fall evening, right before sunset he did it! He rode freely through the empty parking lot celebrating his accomplishment. I could see in his eyes the boost in self confidence.

I taught Ben the mantra “practice makes better” because the idea of perfection is ridiculous. Perfection cannot be measured because it’s subjective and objectively it’s unattainable. So, I promulgate progress in the mind of my children because I want them to make the effort to get better; whatever shape that may take in their mind. Instead I help my kids understand the value of “getting better” and remember that helping them achieve the milestones that builds their confidence is perfection.

Resultantly, it was important for me to put this idea in my new book, Juice and The Fountain of Youth. As I mentioned in previous #JuiceDay videos we are inundated with marketing that promote perfection and they are coupled with shortcuts like energy drinks. We must push back on these marketing ideals and help our kids enjoy the process.

Reduce the pressure, help them trust the process and work to get better. – Joseph Vivens

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