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Chunky and the O-Beast


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About Chunky and Friends

Chunky and Friends | promoting healthy eating and active playChunky And Friends provides healthy eating tips and nutrition books for kids
with illustrated scenes and scenarios that kids of all ages can relate to. The story spotlights Chunky, who friends and family adoringly nicknamed “Chunky,” as well as his cast of interesting friends. When Chunky begins to show signs and risk factors for obesity, he knows he has to conquer the terrible O-Beast and his positive attitude and supportive friends give him the weapons he needs to do it!

Kids who are also struggling with their weight will love and relate to Chunky’s story, and they will also find tools and valuable lessons they can use to defeat their own O-Beast. Chunky gives kids an easy-to-follow outline for staying active, eating healthy and keeping up confidence. Just like any real-life hero, Chunky knows that words can’t hurt him and he keeps his strength and resolve through self-empowerment and the love of his friends.

Learn more about Chunky And Friends and check out the activity and healthy eating guides to start your own adventure.


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