Chunky and Friends features a cast of interesting, colorful characters with their own distinctive, lovable and, sometimes, mischievous personalities.  The Chunky And Friends characters include smart, confident, aspiring kids as well as their parents and grandparents, who all work together to beat the odds in each exceptional story.
Chunky is the hero of the story, a steadfast, imaginative and loyal friend who is easy to love and to root for.  He brings his enthusiastic friend Chip and shy, organized friend Juice along for the ride, as well as his clever kid sister Candy and her good-hearted, gum-chewing friend Gums.  Mom and Grandpa Lu look out for the crew and offer patient guidance when they get themselves into trouble, and they are always there to help them find the kids find their way.
Together the kids start an adventure to beat obesity, the dreadful O-Beast, and keep it away for good.  Each character brings his or her own special style to the story, bringing a host of personalities every kid can relate to.  Learn more about each character and follow their story with the Chunky And The O-Beast comic book and Defeat The O-Beast Coloring & Activity book.


Chunky is a boy who found out that he was in danger of becoming obese. Not one to back down from a challenge, Chunky and his friends decide that they will help each other live a healthy lifestyle by exercising, eating smart and making the right decisions.


Chip is one of Chunky’s best friends. His energy, enthusiasm and excitement, make him the perfect partner for going along with almost any plan Chunky hatches from his wild imagination. Chip and Chunky form a dy-namic duo whose fun adventures sometimes lead to trouble.


Candace, called “Candy” by family and friends, is Chunky’s little sister She will do almost anything for candy and is willing to stop anyone who gets in her way. Candy is very intelligent and mischievous. Often found with her best friend, Gums, Candy likes to trick and annoy her big brother.


Juice, Chunky’s other best friend, is the oppo-site of Chip in almost every way He is organ-ized, has good manners and speaks very proper. Juice would rather not be involved with the troublesome adventures of Chunky and his friends, but somehow he is always present when they happen. Everyone calls him Juice be-cause, well…he loves Juice!


Gums received his nickname after he lost his first tooth and was really slow to grow them back. His name also stems from the fact that he’s a fanatic of every type of gum ever made. Now he’s stuck with a chewing gum habit, two front teeth that won’t grow back and a best friend, named Candy, who seems to tell him what to do every chance she gets
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Grandpa Lu

Grandpa Lu Grandpa Lu is Chunky’s grandfather. He often says, “I’m too tired and old to chase kids around.” Yet he watches after the kids while Chunky’s mom is at work. Typically, the kids wait until Grandpa Lu takes his afternoon nap and then the fun begins. Through it all Grandpa Lu knows that kids will be kids and he is always there to teach valuable lessons the kids grow to appreciate.


Mom is Chunky’s number one fan. Her pri-mary desire is to give Chunky anything he wants so that he can grow up to be a strong, confident man After learning that Chunky is in danger of becoming obese, she decides to ensure that Chunky is healthy inside and out.