About Chunky & Friends

Introducing Chunky and Friends, a fun and engaging children’s book series that promotes healthy eating and active play! Created by Joseph Vivens, the inspiration behind the book came from his wife’s experiences as a pediatrician, where she witnessed children with poor eating habits that could have long-term health consequences.

Joseph drew from his own childhood experiences and the positive influence of Popeye the Sailor on his eating habits to create lovable characters that inspire children to appreciate the benefits of fruits and vegetables while engaging in fun, active play.

The Chunky and Friends series advocates for healthy habits while instilling self-confidence in children through relatable characters. It also teaches young readers that physical appearance doesn’t necessarily reflect one’s health status, and that we all come in different shapes and sizes.

At Chunky and Friends, our ultimate goal is to help children grow up healthy and strong. Join us on our exciting adventures, and let’s inspire the next generation to develop lifelong healthy habits!