About Chunky & Friends

Chunky and Friends was created by Joseph Vivens to help parents jump start the conversation with their kids about the importance of healthy eating and active play.

He was inspired to write the book when his pediatrician wife would come home and talk about the kids she would meet, whether they were overweight or appeared physically fit. After some probing, she discovered many of the children had poor eating habits that would have a devastating effect on their long term health.

Joseph then thought back to his childhood (as he was not a picky eater) and recalled the strong influence that Popeye the Sailor had on his eating habits. He decided to create characters to inspire this generation of kids to see the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables while engaging in active play.

The book series advocates healthy eating and active play while instilling self-confidence through the characters. It teaches kids that while we all come in different shapes and sizes, physical appearance does not reflect the status of our health. The ultimate goal is to ensure we all grow up healthy and strong.